Is the Jedi way Jediism or a Jedi religion? That depends entirely on your relationship to, view of or interpretation of the Force. If as a Jedi you believe, worship or behave in a way which prescribes to the existence of the Force as an omnipresent, omniconscient or omnipotent Deity or supernatural power then your relationship to the Force is religious in nature. If that belief becomes systematic taking on a form of worship and conduct (expressed in a doctrine, through liturgy and lived out in community) then that relationship becomes a religion. If on the other hand the relationship to, view of and interpretation of Life becomes the basis of your Jedi way then the Force becomes instrumental and those Jedi realists. In either case both Jediism or Jedi realism, in their distinctiveness, are convictions offering a real alternative to the already established institutions, yet allowing their influence to be felt.