The Jedi 
320px-Anakin Obiwan Quigon

Strictly seen there can be no such thing as seperate "Light Side", "Shadow Side" or "Dark Side" Jedi, there are just Jedi (taken from Jidai - Japanese for "time, period, era"). Any Jedi or any aspirant to the same, in the case of UJFA for example, who turns away from the Jedi Code, the consult of the Jedi Council, the Jedi Ethics, the three Jedi Core Tenets, the Jedi Knight Oath and the guidance of the Living Force "ipso facto" cease to define themselves as Jedi. There is always a choice, and no one can serve two Masters: "To be or not to be: that is the question:"- Hamlet, Shakespeare. Admittedly every human being including Jedi have a light, shadow or dark side, but also depending on what they want to achieve with their lives each has a great deal of interospective work cut out for themselves. The term Jedi is not a personal point of view, a mood, a balance or a disbalance but a constant, a concept, an ideal and a mission ment to capture, liberate and carry its user to ever greater potentials. The shades of light, shadow or dark are nothing more than conditions of human behaviour and signals (in fashion at the moment) to others as to what to expect. To define ourselves according to our condition and to how others should perceive us clearly contradicts that call of duty (by the Jedi Code, the 12 Jedi Ethics, the three Jedi Core Tenets, and the Jedi Knight Oath) as Jedi not only to ourselves, to others but also but also the Force portrayed as "Ashla" or the Living Force. Simply put, Jedi are a reflection of the one indivisible Living Force. 

"For a Jedi there is no place for a rainbow Force"  - Luke Skywalker

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